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  • Bring an explosion of sparkle to your outfits with the sterling silver Clear Sparkling Crown Ring. The claw setting of the large blue crystal creates the effect of a regal crown on the solitaire ring and is complemented by additional small stones set along the ring band. A ring that’s fit for the special princess or queen in your life, it can be paired with most other selections from the Pandora collection for a truly regal look.

Pandora Ring

The Pandora promise

Design an undying commitment to the woman you love with a promise ring. A Circles symbolizes an unbreakable connection, so choose the perfect promise ring for her. Show the world, just how much you love her with a Pandora promise ring that is as beautiful as she is!

Give your sweetheart a promise ring from Pandora

Crown Solitaire Ring

Bring the shining sparkle with the Clear Sparkling Crown Solitaire Ring. This claw setting of a large clear cubic zirconia center stone on the solitaire ring, hand-finished in 14k gold-plated metal, features a large clear cubic zirconia center stone set in a crown-shaped claw setting. This promise ring also has more stones set along in the ring band. A ring that is the promise to someone in your life this ring can be paired with most selections from Pandora jewelry.

Pure Casmere Shawl

Made with the highest quality of 100% cashmere in 3 ply.

Pure Cashmere Lounge Wear

These sets are made from the finest grade of pure cashmere in 3 ply, are incredibly soft and offer unsurpassed warmth. The top comes with a sash to tie around the waist and the pants have a drawstring to adjust the waist size. The color shown in the pictures is the Rose Petal Pink.

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